Fire / EMS

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Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The City of Crestview Hills contracts its fire and EMS services with both the City of Fort Mitchell and the City  of Edgewood.  Fort Mitchell’s Fire Department has served the City of Crestview Hills since 1954.  Beginning in 2014, in an effort to improve response time, The City of Crestview Hills decided to divide the City into 2 sections, one of which is covered by Ft. Mitchell and the other which is covered by Edgewood Fire Department.

Fort Mitchell Fire Department

Established in 1928, the Fort Mitchell Fire Department has grown over the years with the addition of an EMS service in 1980 and a merger with the life squad in 2013. The fire department has a Class III fire insurance rating and has been recognized as Greater Cincinnati’s Firehouse of the Year in 2007. It also utilizes the NFPA 1001 Standard on Firefighter Qualifications, consistent with the Kentucky State Fire Commission training standards. Currently, the fire department is staffed with:

  • 14 full-time Fire/EMS staff (1 Firefighter/EMT and 13 Firefighters/Paramedics)
  • 1 full-time Assistant Fire Chief
  • 1 full-time Fire Chief
  • 18 part-time staff
  • 20 volunteer personnel
  • 3 high school interns
  • 2 Junior Firefighters
Present Equipment:
  • 1 Rescue/pumper
  • 1 Class A pumper
  • 1 110' aerial ladder truck
  • 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances
  • 1 Utility Vehicle
  • 3 Chief's Vehicles
The Mission of the Fort Mitchell Fire Department is to protect lives and property to the best of our abilities in the communities of Fort Mitchell, Lakeside Park, Crestview Hills and surrounding areas from fire, natural disasters, hazardous materials to the level of operations, and other emergency services; to save lives by providing emergency medical services; to promote safety through prevention and education programs; and to provide a work environment that values diversity.

Vision Statement: Excellence through professional development

Values: Integrity, professionalism, dedication, safety, excellence, respect, and innovation.

Edgewood Fire Department

Established as the Sandfordtown and Community Volunteer department in 1955, the Edgewood Fire Department moved into its' current facility in 2006. The department has a Class II insurance rating, owns 11 vehicles and has an annual operating budget of approximately $1,000,00.00. The Edgewood Fire Department is currently staffed with:

  • A full -time Lieutenant
  • A full time Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Volunteers covering Sundays 6:00 pm to Fridays 6:00 am; Saturday Midnight to 6:00 am and most holidays
Equipment includes:
  • ALS Ambulance
  • 2 Class A pumpers
  • 100-foot Aerial Tower
  • Rescue/Pumper
  • Various staff vehicles for service calls and personnel transportation