Building & Zoning

Program Information

The PDS's OneStopShop program unites the codes administration responsibilities of many of Northern Kentucky's local governments under one roof. The program is built on PDS's "critical mass" of professionals, providing economies of scale that are impossible for local jurisdictions to match and levels of service local jurisdictions can't afford.

Program Features

  • Administers the requirements of the uniform statewide Kentucky Building Code (and attendant National Electric Code), local zoning ordinances, and the International Property Maintenance Code
  • Works through and with local code enforcement boards
  • Internet tool for submitting zoning complaints, requesting building or electric inspections, following up on building plan reviews
  • Reviews inspector's comments following field inspections
  • Checks on the status of projects, and tracks outside agency review comments
  • Pull-down menus allows action for property search, permit checks, and / or to retrieve information on Code Enforcement actions

PDS Applications & Forms

Building and Zoning applications and forms for the PDS are available on the website.