Garage Sales

Under the City Ordinances, garage sales a required to have a permit from the City Clerk. Application for garage sale permits must be made at least (2) days prior to the date of the sale. Sales cannot be held on Sundays and are limited in time to the daylight hours of two consecutive days.  Also, no more than two garage sale permits may be issued to one residence/family/household during any calendar year.

To obtain a garage sale permit, the person conducting the sale should provide the City Clerk with a written statement containing the person’s interest in the property, affirm that the property to be sold was not obtained with the purpose of resale, and affirm that the permit will be displayed prominently at the sale.

With regard to advertising the garage sale, one sign (no more than 4 sq. ft.) is permitted to be displayed at the residents during the time(s) specified in the permit. Signs may not be displayed on other residences or the public right-of-ways.