Property Taxes

Crestview Hills is known throughout the region as one of the lowest cost areas to operate.  The City routinely falls to the bottom of the list of taxing agencies in Northern Kentucky.  The City's good mix of commercial, retail, institutional and housing developments, along with a conservative financial approach to City operations, provides both low tax rates and high quality services. 

For Property Tax Year 2020, the Crestview Hills' property tax is .158 per $100 valuation and established at 100% of the real value of the land and buildings. Bills are mailed in early October with a due date of December 31 of the current year.  Delinquent taxes are charged with a 10% penalty and 12% APR interest beginning January 1. 

*Person or persons over 65 years of age or who are disable can apply for the Homestead Exemption to reduce their property taxes

Kenton County Tax

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