Voting and Elections  Information

Kenton County Clerks Office
The Kenton County Clerks office is the place to visit with all of your voting and election related questions. 

You may visit their website at Kenton County Clerks Office or call 859-392-1600. 

You may also visit the office in person at 303 Court Street, Covington KY 41011.

Voting Information
Need to register to vote? Visit the Kenton County Clerk's Voter Registration page.

Please be aware that you must register at least 29 days prior to a primary or general election.  If you have moved, you must notify the county clerks office of your new address.

Want to know where you vote?  Check out the voter information center.

Interested in running for office?
Please visit the Kenton County Clerks Office for information on the qualifications necessary to be a candidate for an elected position as well as the candidate filing procedures. 

To file your candidacy go to the Kenton County Elections Information page.

You can also call the Kenton County Clerks Office at 859-392-1600 or visit the office at 303 Court St. in Covington KY.